It all started when…

Clarus was formed in 1996 and is the child of Renaissance Wine Merchants Ltd., an equally dynamic and entrepreneurial company. At that time in Alberta, it was becoming clear that the skills needed to place and manage high demand, scarce wine brands, were different from those needed to build brands for maximum distribution.

The Culture is similar to Renaissance since, despite coordinating separate sales and marketing efforts, we do share offices and administration staff. Canada's environment is unique because Alberta's 'open market' status allows us to concentrate on being proactive for our customers. We have the luxury of importing what we believe can be successful and only the best products we can find, regardless of quotas or political maneuvering.

As a specialized fine wine division, Clarus has a different strategy than Renaissance. The Clarus strategy is to service the very top of the market - fine wine retail shops and quality restaurants, hotels and clubs - with the best quality available. The company is fortunate today to be the leading premium wine company in Alberta.

Our Misson Statement

  • To serve its suppliers by placing their products in ideal locations that will help to build awareness and brand image at the highest level.
  • To serve its customers by providing access to the finest products in the world; products that often define their category or niche and that are produced from natural methods with the utmost respect for nature and the environment.